Coronavirus and Boosting the Immune System


The newest health scare, the coronavirus, is a large enveloped virus that causes an acute respiratory infection. Transmission is usually spread to the nasal mucosa by sneezing or other means. The virus causes cell damage to the nasal epithelium and inflammation. The incubation period is usually 2-14 days. Traditional medicine is looking for a vaccine, but this will take at least a year to manufacture. This may or may not be beneficial but hardly practical. However, there are precautions that we all can take to protect ourselves from infection from the coronavirus as well as other pathogenic organisms. These precautions do not involve vaccines or antibiotics. For at least the last 75 years a few healthcare professionals have advocated proper nutrition through whole foods and whole food supplements as the best way to prevent contagious infections as well as other chronic illnesses, but political influences have prevented this knowledge becoming available to the general public.

There are two paradigms in healthcare today:

1. Prescribe a drug to kill the organism or a vaccine to prevent it.

2. Facilitate the body’s immune system to either prevent infection or to kill the pathogen. 

Building up the patient’s resistance should be the real issue concerning the coronavirus. The question is can we build up our immune system enough to keep us healthy? Going back in history we find the extensive use of barley water to help fight infections. Why barley water? Barley water increases serum calcium or calcium in the blood. Calcium has been shown in research to increase resistance to infections as well as help heal gastritis, stomach ulcers, colitis, and insomnia. Refined sugars cause a decrease in serum calcium, block our immune system and therefore should be avoided in infections. Dr. Royal LEE stated in the middle 20th century that “It is probable that no virus could harm us unless we first prepare a welcome for it by permitting the temporary loss of blood calcium bicarbonate.” The form of the calcium supplement is very important. Calcium lactate can form the bicarbonate form after ingestion. 

Calcium, though helpful, is not the only way to improve our immunity. To utilize calcium properly, omega 3 is needed by the body. However, omega 3 is very unstable and sources need to be very fresh. Dr. Rabb provides concentrates of fresh omegas in soft gel form to prevent oxidation. Omegas also decrease inflammation and provide the precursors for many hormones. Fresh ground flax is a great source of omega 3. The health and the balance of the endocrine glands are the real key to a healthy immune system. The thymus is a vital gland in providing the necessary antibodies needed to fight the coronavirus and other infections. In our clinic, we provide glandular products that support immunity by supporting the endocrine system. These glands are very susceptible to nutritional deprivation and when deprived become imbalanced and therefore do not function properly. Dr. Rabb provides real whole food vitamins and other nutrients to feed and balance these glands. Marked improvement in immunity happens when the health of the endocrine glands is strengthened. In addition to whole food nutrients, we need chelated minerals as this is the form the body prefers. Factors that hinder immunity besides nutrition include stress, poor diet, fatigue, lack of sleep, chronic illness, and toxic emotional states.

It is more difficult in today’s world to find fresh healthy whole foods because of the farming practices used today to mass-produce food. Proper nutrition is CRITICAL in maintaining a healthy immune system. There are numerous examples to be found on the web concerning the effects of healthy nutrition on the immune system. One such is that mosquitos will not bite people with adequate amounts of vitamin B1. A combination of proper nutrition, whole food vitamins, and chelated minerals will certainly strengthen the immune system, and various potent herbs will also help to kill pathogens. St. John’s Wort is an herb that has shown to be able to kill enveloped viruses. The coronavirus is an enveloped virus. However, herbs have to be very potent to be effective. In Dr. Rabb’s clinic, strong herbs are only used, and the herbs are manufactured in Australia. In the US herbs are not regulated and most are therefore not very potent. Besides St. John’s Wort there are other herbs with immune properties. Recently, Dr. Rabb has added a stealth pathogen protocol using strong herbs that help fight pathogens that are otherwise difficult to kill. Some of these include Myrrh, Echinacea, Thuja, Artemisinin, Andrographis, and others.

A synergy is created when combining proper diet, whole food nutrients, glandulars, and potent herbs. At Dallas Naturopathy, the focus is on strengthening your immune response to help combat the coronavirus as well as other infectious diseases.


By Dr. Sharon Rabb