Detoxing the Liver-Plano, Richardson, Dallas Metro Area


Why Detoxification of the Liver?

Toxins come from processed food, air, water and chemicals that accumulate in our organs and glands hindering the healing process. Liver detoxification is an important aspect of healing and one of the first vital steps for the body to begin the healing process. 

An Overburdened Liver

The liver is the organ in the body responsible for toxic elimination. However, it also has many other important processing and regulatory functions. When the liver is overburdened with pollutants the other vital roles are compromised and ill health can be the result. The liver is not able to eliminate efficiently when it is overburdened with toxins. A healthy liver is a key factor in restoring health. 

Detox Program

Dr. Sharon Rabb recommends a 21-day detox program that includes a special diet and whole food supplements. This program is designed to allow the liver the rest it needs to detox effectively and begin the natural healing process.